Summer Lookbook: Target Sandal styled 5 ways

Summer is here, and it is hot! Vacations, BBQ’s, picnics, fireworks, swimming are all going down this time of year! I’m here to show you how I put together 5 summer outfits styled by one pair of sandals. That’s right! ONE pair of shoes! You may be going on a trip and you don’t have much room for shoes, or you’re hesitant about how one pair of sandals might look on each outfit you wear. Any fashionista can tell you, that one pair of shoes can go with anything. The sandals I have on are from Target a couple seasons ago, but you can find any simple black sandal! You may already have a pair!



This first outfit screams comfy and chic. I’m all about bargain when it comes to shopping but I like to splurge every now and then! I found these pants from my local Rugged Wearhouse for $7.99! Don’t sleep on this store because you can find some gems! Don’t get me wrong, you can find these types of pants anywhere! I kept this look minimal with a white tank top and my Kate Spade crossbody bag because I want the pants to be the statement piece.

Jumpsuit Frenzy


I never thought I’d see the day that I would wear a jumpsuit and have the confidence as this girl in the photo below! I’ve seen so many plus size beauties rock a jumpsuit and I wanted to too! Jumpsuits are your one stop shop to a full outfit in just minutes. All you need are accessories. So I found this one at Old Navy and I am in love!! ! I am wearing an XXL and I feel like a million bucks!. For me, going up a side helps me because I am able to be comfortable. I am wearing the same sandals and the Kate Spade cross body bag.

Romper Sexy

Let me tell you something, I have a newfound love for a jumpsuit and a romper! I don’t know what possessed me to buy them, but I am glad I did. I bought this from the Plus Size area in Forever 21 in a size 3x. I love the comfort and the flowy arms. Even though its around 100 degrees here in Charlotte, this piece is still airy and cool. What I also love about this romper is that it covers my entire bum!  I was having a little too much fun with the photographer (my boyfriend)!

Flowy Maxi


Don’t laugh at me, but I’ve had this skirt for about 4 years. Its a black, pleated flowy maxi and leg only see through. Don’t worry, the bum is completely covered. I bought this from a store called Roses for $10! I never thought something like this would last! I paired this skirt with a muscle tank from Forever 21! Look at the cute puppy! I wanted to bring a pop of color to this outfit so I ditched my black Kate Spade purse for a red one! Now it matches my lip! A slight windy day would require a lot of picture taking because the dress just blows perfectly!



It took me years to be okay with the idea of leggings, haram pants, or even joggers. I just didn’t think they would look good on me! This year is a year of firsts when it comes to exploring fashion as a plus size woman. I paired these joggers from Forever 21 (super old) with a black flowy shirt from Old Navy! I even kept the pop of color theme for this outfit as well. Who doesn’t like red and leopard together?

What are your favorite summer sandal and how do you like to style them?



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