Wash + Style with Optimum Amla Legend Hair Care Products

Wash day. Great. So exciting. LOL! Just kidding! I love wash days! It’s nothing like clean hair. Today will be much more special because I’m doing a protein treatment! My hair has been dry and brittle and also popping. Ugh, I hate that! I decided to make my own concoction, which is olive oil and eggs. Because my hair is so long, I used 3 eggs and I winged about 1/4 cup of olive oil. I started on dry, shrunken hair (see below) and I decided to use my fingers for this process.


Okay, brace yourselves, this party got a little messy. I took small pieces of hair and coated each piece with the mix until completely soaked. Unfortunately, I didn’t record that part in my video, but its only one way to do this. ūüôā While coating each piece, I made sure to slightly detangle just by pulling the strands gently¬†when I¬†ran the mix down the hair.¬†This is what¬†it looked like when it was finished!

I made sure to concentrate on the middle to the ends because that’s where I needed it the¬† most. I let the egg/olive oil mix sit until it was about 65% dry. At this point, when drying, I made sure to be careful because one wrong tug could tear the hair. So what did I use for the cleansing process?


I’ve been a fan of this brand since my¬†“creamy crack” days, so I was excited when this came in one of my monthly¬†Curlkit subscriptions. ¬†Here’s what I thought about the products. First and foremost, the smell is amazing. I already talked about the shampoo in an earlier post so I won’t rant there. The conditioner kept my hair moisturized after shampooing and the detangling process was great. I didn’t have to use a comb for the washing process. I used the combing cream as a leave in which left my hair completely soft and moisturized. The rejuvenating oil provided a great shine to my hair afterwards. I’m excited to show you my first YouTube video on this process, down to the rod style I chose!¬† I’m still new at this! Enjoy!



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