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Curly Up-Do with Jane Carters Solution!

This year I plan to experiment more with my hair to see how creative I can get with heat free hair styles. Our curly hair responds very well to perm rods (if achieved correctly), so I decided to do one with a new product that I picked up from Target. Note to self: NEVER let…… Continue reading Curly Up-Do with Jane Carters Solution!


Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Besties!

Hi there!!! Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I thought I’d put together a Gift Guide for the besties! If you have a few awesome women in your life who you consider your “soulmate” (remember Samantha said that off Sex and the City?), I’m sure you’re shopping for the perfect gift. I thought I’d…… Continue reading Galentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Besties!

natural hair

Natural Hair: Big Curly Hair on Day 1-2

As a fellow natural, I think it’s safe to say that majority of us like big hair with lots of volume, right? No shade to the pixi cut gals, because I’ll rock a short cut in a minute, big head and all! Since I’m on a journey to long, thick, beautiful healthy hair, I love…… Continue reading Natural Hair: Big Curly Hair on Day 1-2


Chunky Knits

Chunky sweaters and knitwear are my favorite during the winter. They are acceptable, wearable blankets. During the colder days, there are a few things I must have in my wardrobe: tights, coats, gloves, and sweaters. When I went to Philadelphia a couple months ago, I browsed in the Forever 21 store next to my hotel…… Continue reading Chunky Knits


My Favorite Affordable Face Masks

  There’s nothing like a great face mask to complete a pampering facial session. Why is it when we think we’re having a bad skin day, or we feel like our skin is not up to our expectations, that if we use a face mask, everything is right in the world? You know, I have…… Continue reading My Favorite Affordable Face Masks