My Favorite Affordable Face Masks

  There’s nothing like a great face mask to complete a pampering facial session. Why is it when we think we’re having a bad skin day, or we feel like our skin is not up to our expectations, that if we use a face mask, everything is right in the world? You know, I have…… Continue reading My Favorite Affordable Face Masks


5 Ways to Be Your Best Self This Year!

Happy new year! Don’t you just love the smell of the new year? The excitement that you can start over, or make drastic improvements or even do something new? Well, I do. The new year just does something to me. It’s your time to carve out how you want the year to turn out. Now,…… Continue reading 5 Ways to Be Your Best Self This Year!

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Best Of 2017! #Goals

I cut my hair this year! Why? Because I didn’t take care of it. -__- After nursing it back to health and getting rid of old color (99% gone), On to new challenges for 2018! I got officially engaged on Superbowl Sunday after church! The right pic is a photo of my bridal shower. Can’t…… Continue reading Best Of 2017! #Goals

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Philly in the Winter!

A couple weekends ago, Benjamin and I took a road trip to Philadelphia for a small getaway. You’re probably thinking, why would we go to Philly? Well, why not? Benjamin and his family are from the city of brotherly love, and he was dying to show me his old stomping grounds and insisted that I try…… Continue reading Philly in the Winter!


Embracing and Celebrating Me at 32!

It ain’t easy being a Christmas Eve baby! Fun fact about me, real quick! When I turned 30, I had a personal nervous breakdown. Crazy right? Well, fast forward two years later and I welcome my birthday again! It is a blessing to see your birthday because there is someone out there that didn’t make…… Continue reading Embracing and Celebrating Me at 32!

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Fuschia in the Winter

In the Winter, because the days can get dreary and dark, I love to brighten my day with something bright. For those who are trying to add more color in their wardrobe, but insist of wearing black, try a bright colored blazer. I found this baby on JustFab (of course!) during one of their huge…… Continue reading Fuschia in the Winter